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What is Pret Badha?

Pret Badha definitely happens to those who have specific conditions in the natal chart.

When such conditions found in the natal chart the person feel distracted and disturbed by evil spirits. This situation is called a Pret Badha. It is believed that this happens due to some immoral activity done in the past.

General Traits

  • 1st house with Moon associating with Rahu and 5th and 9th with any malefic condition creates evil spirit problems for the native.
  • The condition of transition too can create the same problem.
  • The native suffers problem due to evil spirits if his natal chart is having the combination of Saturn, Mars and Rahu.
  • If anyone planet from Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars falls in the 7th house of the native natal chart, the person is troubled due to evil spirits.


  • The native destroy himself and his family relations.
  • The native hurt his closed ones.
  • The native will hallucinate.
  • The native attracts negativity and becomes violent.
  • The native behaves unusual and weird.
  • The native becomes extremely powerful.
  • The native can do impossible tasks easily.
  • The native starts shouting suddenly.
  • The native gets out of control.
  • The native behaves harshly and rudely.
  • The native breathes fast and audibly.
  • The native gets devoid of hunger and thirst.


  • Worship Lord Shiva and chant Shiva mantra 1100 times.
  • Offer 1 lemon, 21 pieces of laung, 1 mukhi rudraksh to shivling on every Monday.
  • Wear rudraksha mala.
  • Elders of the house should request forgiveness from evil spirits.
  • Worship Lord Hanuman and Goddess Durga.
  • Pandit must keep any iron made item like knife and scissors under the native's pillow without telling him.
  • Light aggarbatti in the native's room.
  • Hang pictures of Lord Hanuman, Goddess Durga or Lord Shiva in the native's room.
  • Never abuse and use rude words for evil spirits. Doing that will make them even more angry.
  • Chant hanuman chalisa to stay away from bad sight.
  • Apply hanuman tika on forehead to reduce evil effects.
  • Tie genus ( dhatura ) branches on your hand to get free from evil spirits.
  • Plant white flower at the main gate of your house.
  • Sprinkle gangajal in every corner of your house.
  • Take 1 coconut, 1 nail, 100 gm sesame seeds and tie then in a black cloth and flow it in the river on Saturday.