Lava 7 Chakra Braelet

Containing energies of the primary chakras together, the lava 7 Chakra Bracelet aligns all the chakras, purifies the aura, aligns the body, ...


7 Chakra Hematite Bracelet

The Hematite 7 Chakra Bracelet has several benefits, including healing, balancing energy flow, maintaining health, enhancing personality, sh...


Firoza Bracelet

Iranian Firoza, sometimes referred to as Turquoise, is a blue-green mineral that has been valued for thousands of years due to its aesthetic...


Rose Quataz Bracelet

Rose quartz is a heart-shaped stone that symbolises love with its pink essence. Its goal is to make couples feel more at ease and romantic. ...


Sphatic Bracelet

The Sphatik Crystal Bracelet elevates the planet Venus, draws the goddess Lakshmi, solves money issues, improves personality, cures diabetes...


Amethyst Bracelet

The most well-known quartz stone in human history is the amethyst, which is a member of the quartz family. Along with its various virtu...


7 Chakra Bracelet

The seven stones in the centre of the 7 Chakra Bracelet are comprised of&nb...


Gayatri Mantra Jaap

Elevate your business to new heights of prosperity and success with the power of Gayatri Mantra chanting. We offer a special package that in...


Pret Badha Nivaran Puja

We offer a special package for Pret Badha Nivaran Puja, designed to help you attain liberation from ghostly influences. Our puja methodology...