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Refund Policy

  • Refund applicable to 10 days since the receipt of the product. Beyond that it cannot be exchanged or returned.
  • Do not tear the tags off the product. In no case should the product tags be torn off.
  • The product should not have been change, used or in a damaged condition.
  • The product should be returned inside the original packing.

Then there is the refund policy. You have to send the article back to our office through a courier.  If you want the return to be an immediate one, or within the next 10 days, then you can courier us your product and we will pay you the courier charge. You can send in the scanned copy of the receipt of the courier charge but remember we do not consider charges that exceed our standard rate of Rs.100/per Packet.and you can contact for reverse pickup.

Be very sure about what you are returning. If you return a product that does not belong to AstroBell.com then we will not be responsible for your misplaced good.

The customer should pay special attention to all the return and refund policies before the purchase. Acceptance of these policies will ensure the consent of the buyer to the policies.

In case of an emergency situation where you have to return an item that’s not up to the standard you have to just get in touch with our customer service section by calling their no.  +91 99995 51569 or mailing them at Customer support: [email protected]