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What is Kemdrum Yoga?

If in your birth chart, moon is in the place where there is no planet on either sides, this formation is called as Kemdrum Yoga. With this yoga if Moon is occupying the 2nd or 12th house, it is considered very inauspicious.

With no planet around Moon gives him more power which can influence the native chart badly. If present then it does not make any difference.

General Traits

  • Moon female natives are very beautiful and helpful. They are extremely good homemakers. They love travelling. They are great at cooking.
  • Moon male natives are emotional, feminine and kind. They are slow in speech. They too love to travel. They involve themselves into other's problems easily and help them out.

Positve Effects

  • The native will work great in his profession.
  • The native will be respected and honored.
  • The native will receive appreciation from seniors at work place.

Negative Effects

It is considered that Moon effects on mind. Kemdrum yoga is the outcome when the person think useless because of emptiness.

  • The native will devoid intelligence and intellectuality.
  • The native will be deprived of education.
  • The native will face many obstacles throughout life.
  • The native will be upset and harsh in nature.
  • The native will face poverty once in his life.
  • The native will not be able to retain his married life and children.
  • The native will choose the path of immoral deeds.


  • The native must keep fast for 4 years on the day of Purnima.
  • The native should begin the fast from Monday.
  • Worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
  • Visit Shiva temple on Mondays and offer milk on shivlinga.
  • Chant Shiva's mantra.
  • The person must donate things related to moon. Like milk, curd, ice-cream, rice, water, etc.
  • The native should keep a square piece of sliver with him.
  • The native can read Sri Sukta on a regular basis.
  • Keep gangajal at worship place at home.
  • The native should keep a Dakshinavarti shell at home.
  • Offer water in a shell to Goddess Laxmi.
  • One can wear silver Sri Yantra with pearl.
  • One can wear a rudraksh mala.